Below is a brief overview of the most popular self storage facility sizes we offer, to give you a better idea of the size of storage room you might need.

We recommend you speak to one of our storage experts who will be able to give you the best value deal for your specific needs. Call us on 01902 38 25 10 or simply fill in our online enquiry form and we will get in touch shortly.

You need to store…

4 x small suitcasesImagine filling a
red telephone box
A full family car loadImagine filling a
walk in cupboard
25ft2 / 2.32m2
A van load (transit)
Contents of a studio flat
Imagine filling
a garden shed
50ft2 / 4.6m2
A large van load
Contents of a 1 bed flat
Imagine filling
a parking space
75ft2 / 6.96m<2/td>
2 x full Transit vans
Contents of a 2 bed semi
Imagine filling
a large garage
100ft2 / 9.29m2
A large removal truck
Contents of a 3 bed semi
Imagine filling
2 parking spaces
150ft2 / 13.93m2